Apparel CAD Pattern file conversion experts

Expertise you can trust

Today there are hundreds of CAD systems around the world that are being actively used in the apparel industry. Every CAD system has their own proprietory file format and unique way of capturing, representing and displaying pattern data. This brings with it a unique problem. How do we make sure that the pattern made in CAD system ( X ) opens correctly on another CAD system ( Y ) considering that each CAD system speaks a different language.

This is where we ( File-experts ) come in. Think of us as a translator , someone who understands both languages and makes sure that both CAD systems are able to communicate with each other. 

Our goal is to ensure that all information related to pattern geometry, annotations, instructions, grade values, shapes, measurements etc. are represented accurately no matter which CAD system it is being opened in and take out the guesswork and uncertainty when working with multiple vendors / CAD systems within the supply chain.

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